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Home Staging Managers in Santa Fe

Are you selling a vacant house in Santa Fe that needs home staging services? If so, a home staging manager may be the choice for you! Showhomes offers staging management services that exclusively tailor to your unoccupied house to make it look inviting, maintained, and in top condition.

Home staging managers will not only transform your high-end, vacant house by furnishing, cleaning, and maintaining it, but by living in it and giving it the warm feeling of a home!

What is a staging manager?

A home staging manager can be one person, a couple, or a family who lives in a vacant house that is for sale. Staging managers are temporary tenants who live in a house that they temporarily move into and decorate with their own furniture and belongings. In exchange for keeping the house clean and ready to show, they pay less in monthly fees.

Home Managers are professionals who are:
  • Relocating, and are looking to familiarize with an area
  • In need of temporary housing due to renovation or personal reasons
  • Trying to reduce living expenses without giving up their current standard of living
  • Looking for flexible, short-term agreements

Home managers have:
  •  Good quality furniture that is clean and presentable
  •  Professional skills in staging and home maintenance

What does staging management mean for me?

A home staging manager means constant, inside-and-out care and attention to your vacant house as it's shown and sold on the Santa Fe market. At a fraction of traditional staging costs, you'll pay less in carrying costs, and you also won't pay for the services you receive through Showhomes until you close on your sold house.

Statistically, a house that is being taken care of and temporarily occupied by a staging manager sells faster than a vacant house. Showhomes also provides up to $5,000,000 in insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind while your house is both occupied and on the market.

Showhomes will provide a temporary, live-in home staging manager who can care for your house to a professional degree, keeping it safe and in excellent, show-to-sell condition. If you have a vacant house that's for sale on the Santa Fe market and are looking to make it more marketable, a home staging manager is the most optimal and beneficial choice you can make!

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